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SMART Advisory and Consulting  Group provides an expert range of services and products designed to fulfill customers' needs and schedules.

Smart Group saves you time and money because we help you maintain a cleaner and healthier environment for you customers and employees. SMART Advisory and Consulting Group , with over five years of experience is a full-service company with the people, equipment, and quality control system to give you responsive, reliable service every time.



Smart Group provides different venues like janitorial and cleaning services, general maintenance and handymen services, professional glasses treatment and repair, manufactures uniforms according with the corporate identity creating a unique and customized uniform programs, chemicals and supplies, linen products and specialized consulting according with AAA standards, quality of service and special training to achieve guest satisfaction. 


 Headquartered in Miami, Smart Group provides highly specialized services  and products to businesses for Hospitality, Health Care, Buildings, Construction and Education.  


Smart Group has a commitment to the excellence to provide different services and product with financial advantages to control efficiently and effectively manner. 


We at SMART GROUP Advisory and Consulting  look forward to becoming a part of your team, providing quality products and professional services.



We will exceed our customer expectations providing products and services with high quality standards improving efficiencies, technology and strategic planning.


We have a passion to work with our clients with high commitment in the performance and customer satisfaction. Our commitment is to undestand the organization’s core business and contribute  to its  bottom-line by reducing  costs, improving  productivity, generating revenue, and improving  its image.

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